ElectroKaveh Manufacturing Industrial Group

Electro Kaveh inc

In 1982, Electro Kaveh Manufacturing Industrial Group was established by the certificate of Ministry of Industries to produce all kinds of Electric Cam operated switches.

In the same year this group did the first and primary actions to construct the factory in Kaveh industrial city.
In 1986, After constructing the building and fixing and operating the machinery and equipments, and as soon as the parts were available for assembling, this company started its production activities formally.
In 1991, by producing all kinds of the required metal and plastic parts, this company reached self-sufficiency and then gradually and little by little succeeded to do mass-production of Electric Cam switches from 12A up to 630A in various types.
In 1996, the production line of Miniature Circuit Breaker switches in Electro Kaveh factory was operated and it succeeded to produce MCB switches from 2A up to 63A in SP, DP, TP and TPN types.
In 2006, in order to give variety to the products, the company put the production of Electric Automotive parts into the program of its activities and succeeded to produce kinds of DC relays for light & heavy vehicles.
In 2011 , Electro Kaveh Manufacturing Industrial Group by means of its 30-year experience has conformed itself with the modern world technology and has put in its programs and activities the new design of Cam switches in high protection degree ( IP 65 ) as well as Load Break Changeover switches from 200A up to 630A.

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